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Egy disszertáció margójára: a Rika-erdei várak és az udvarhelyi királyi magánuradalom

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dc.creator Sófalvi, András hu_HU
dc.date.accessioned 2017-05-26T13:18:59Z
dc.date.available 2017-05-26T13:18:59Z
dc.date.created 2013 hu_HU
dc.date.issued 2013 hu_HU
dc.identifier.isbn 978-606-8178-78-3 hu_HU
dc.identifier.issn 2393 – 4328 hu_HU
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10598/29954
dc.description.abstract On the shed of Perşani Mountain, in the Rika Forest (that is a border between Harghita and Covasna county, today Romania) there were two castles built in the Arpadian Age. Kustaly castle was a multi-storied rectangle tower surrounded with trench and probably with a palisade. 5,5 km away, on the top of Boldi Mountain there lay the ruins of two similar towers, 450 m apart from each other, being also fortified by trenches and banks. Near the castles, on the shed of the mountain, medieval ridge-roads were identified. Th ere are no written sources concerning the castles, however the archaeological researches date their building in the 12th century, and their destruction in the 14th century. We do not know of any such early analogies in the region, as for Transylvania only the castles from Cetatea de Baltă and Orăştie, as well as the castle from Ilidia (Caraş-Severin county) can be mentioned. This type of castle, known as tower-castle, was spread mostly on the northern parts of the Hungarian Kingdom and on royal domains (e.g. Zvolen and Kolačno, both in Slovakia). In our assumption the castles in the Rika Forest were royal castles, built on the domain of the Arpadian kings. Th e area had its centre in Odorheiu Secuiesc, and the named castles had a role in hunting and in forest administration, respectively in the control of the roads leading from Burzenland into the centre of Transylvania. hu_HU
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dc.description.tableofcontents 165-174. old. hu_HU
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dc.source Edélyi Múzeum-Egyesület hu_HU
dc.subject Rika-erdő hu_HU
dc.subject toronyvár hu_HU
dc.subject gerincút hu_HU
dc.subject királyi magánuradalom hu_HU
dc.subject erdőispánság hu_HU
dc.subject Rika forest hu_HU
dc.subject Arpadian Age hu_HU
dc.subject tower-castle hu_HU
dc.subject ridge-road hu_HU
dc.subject royal domain hu_HU
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dc.subject hu_HU
dc.title Egy disszertáció margójára: a Rika-erdei várak és az udvarhelyi királyi magánuradalom hu_HU
dc.title.alternative On the Edge of a Study: the Castles in Rika Forest and the Royal Domain of Odorheiu Secuiesc hu_HU
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