Tapasztalat, megértés, kifejezés és a narratív identitás fogalma

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Cím: Tapasztalat, megértés, kifejezés és a narratív identitás fogalma
Szerző: Száva, Csanád
Absztrakt: If we want to define the concept of reality from a phenomenological point of view, we have to understand the difference between experience and expression. Describing the reality can we relay on experience or expression? – we can ask this question about our problem. According to some views, understanding primary means that we can understand the thing as it is, and only on a second level has the meaning that we can understand the opinion of somebody else. Understanding on a personal level means a different step of understanding. What is the role of the other in all this, and how can we make a connection of it with the narrative identity? In the horizon determine by the other, there is a chance for some narratives, that are capable of articulating experiences. We need a living expression to be able to deal with a living experience. The living experience can be expression in a creative way.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10598/29461
Dátum: 2014

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