Egy fel nem fedezett alkotás: Kós Károly Irisz-telepi református temploma

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Cím: Egy fel nem fedezett alkotás: Kós Károly Irisz-telepi református temploma
Szerző: Veress, Boglárka
Absztrakt: Near the industrial area of Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), within the Iris quarter, on the hill near Deportáltak (Oaşului) street stands the Szent Békesség (Holy Peacefulness) church, also known more commonly as the Iris quarter church. The church was planned by Károly Kós in 1948 and was finally erected between 1950 and 1957. This building is worthy of attention because of several reasons and has yet to become the object of any research. Due to this, my study focuses on the reconstruction of its history and building process with as much detail as possible, based on the materials uncovered during my earlier archives research. As a result of the description of the building’s architectural style, I have placed it within the frames of Károly Kós’s vision of architecture. The church building clearly shows the features of the vision and experiences that were so characteristic of Károly Kós architectural designs. Aproaching the end of his career, Kós created something in which he expressed the concepts which he had admitted and supported his entire life, this time brought together in a pure crystallized form. Offering to answer a question that has stood since the turn of the century, question focusing on the genesis of contemporary reformed architecture, with this building Kós created the prototype of the contemporary reformed church.
Dátum: 2011

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