Körmöczi János és a nonadorantista hagyomány

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Cím: Körmöczi János és a nonadorantista hagyomány
Szerző: Keserű, Gizella
Absztrakt: This paper argues that during his studies in Göttingen, János Körmöczi (1763–1836) concurrently encountered both the post-Kantian philosophers’ concepts of religion, and the most prominent recent works of German church history. For the former group, a series of dogmas became irrelevant, and therefore they remained untouched by Christological debates. The latter group (Planck, Wendeborn), however, provided a detailed discussion of the various revived Unitarian groups of England based on Theophilus Lindsey (1723–1808), which probably inspired the Hungarian Unitarian to establish contact with them. Learning about these later English followers of nonadorantism, which was already flourishing in Transylvania, probably played a role in invoking the Christological views condemned by the Accord of Dés (Dej) in 1638. Besides prohibiting the worship of Jesus, there are numerous similarities between the opinions of contemporary English Unitarians and Körmöczi’s social views, as exemplifi ed by a shared enthusiasm for Thomas Paine. In the latter part of his life, while making excerpts from the work of J. A. L. Wegschneider (1771– 1849), a follower of Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768–1834), he confirms not only the consistency of his interest toward nonadorantism, but also his familiarity with the latest trends.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10598/28929
Dátum: 2014

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