A romániai magyar folklórkutatás öt évtizede (1944–1994)

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Cím: A romániai magyar folklórkutatás öt évtizede (1944–1994)
Szerző: Keszeg, Vilmos
Absztrakt: Vilmos Keszeg’s study outlines the results of the Hungarian folklore researches in Romania in the last 50 years. He presents the sporadic institutional network (university education, museums, publishing of books and reviews) which – mainly voluntarily – embraced the cause of these divisions of learning, or rather, owing to the lack of which the researches were done in an extremely unorganized and inefficient way. Due to these circumstances specialist replacement was almost impossible, there was very little professional interest and hardly any scientific life. Scientific research merely consisted of the work of a few persons and reflected only some archaic spheres of the popular culture. The study analyses the contributions of the Hungarian folklore researches in Romania to the general Hungarian folkloristics (the works of Olga Nagy, József Faragó), as well as the remarkable isolated research themes and methodological strategies (of Gabriella Vöő, István Pál Demény, János Ráduly, etc.) The conclusion of the author is that the results of these researches as well as their professional standard is due to the lack of proper institutions, education and scientific life, of long-term perspectives, the finality of the research, the redefinition of concepts and that of a well-defined object of research.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10598/25223
Dátum: 1995

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